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Advertising on the internet is the most cost effective way to reach your customers available today. Not only customers in your specific area or region, but worldwide. For bed and breakfast travelers and vacationers, search engines are often the first mediums used to locate bed and breakfasts in their prospective travel and vacation areas, and will contact the innkeeper either through an online B&B directory contact page or the innkeeper’s website itself.

You can also use more traditional mediums to advertise such as travel magazines and other lodging periodicals, but they can often be costly and ineffective. There are many options when considering marketing your inn on the web. You may be wondering, ‘How do I choose between the many prospective B & B directories available online today? Will my marketing dollar be spent wisely advertising with this site?’ The owners and staff at The Bed and Breakfast Directory realize there are several competitive sites with varying listing package options, so before investing your valuable marketing dollars you should evaluate the following key factors.

What are the costs involved with each marketing plan and what features are included with my listing (photos, link to website, etc)? Is the site search functionality simple for a potential guests and inn travelers to locate my respective listing and website? Are there user-friendly maps with clickable city links to take the potential guest to your listing quickly and easily? And, what sort of results (bookings) can I expect by paying to subscribe to each B&B directory service? Of course there are other things to consider before making your online directory decision, but the above questions should help you get started when evaluating each website option.

We encourage you to Join Now and find out why we are a leading source for B&B innkeepers looking to successfully market their inn to prospective guests on the internet today. And, The Bed and Breakfast Directory’s friendly support team is always available to answer any questions when considering enlisting with us. Visit our About Us page for all contact information and details.

Common Innkeeper Questions and Answers

Q: How do I find information about the bed and breakfast industry when considering opening a B and B?

A: There are many resources to consider when searching for bed and breakfast information. The internet can be a powerful provider of valuable online resources including bed and breakfast sample business plans and start-up cost projections. The Bed and Breakfast Directory has strategically aligned itself with industry sites providing this targeted information such as and, which both include a sample business plan a prospective innkeeper owner can use for hints on how to complete their own B&B business plan.

Q: Is there international or state associations I can join with other innkeeper owners?

A: Yes, the Professional Association of Innkeepers International, or PAII (, is a collection of bed and breakfast owners and vendors designed to provide innkeeper members with valuable industry informatiuon and access to supplies and resources to help a B and B owner succeed in business. Also, most states have bed & breakfast associations with strict member inn rules and compliances to ensure B and B guests a satisfying lodging experience when staying at their approved member inns. See The Bed and Breakfast Directory’s B&B State Association page for more information.

Q: How should I choose between the many online Bed and Breakfast directories available today?

A: Ultimately, the final decision is up to you. We can only offer the suggestions made on this page, and encourage you to do the proper research before investing your marketing dollar. Remember, we are always here if you have any questions. We also welcome any comments or ideas on ways to make our site better and even more user-friendly for potential B&B guests.