Bed and Breakfast State Association Information

The member inns of state bed & breakfast associations must pass inspection requirements set by the B & B association. These higher standards for membership are set to ensure the B & B guest a safe and comfortable bed and breakfast lodging experience.

Alabama Bed and Breakfast Association (BBAA) – The members of the Bed & Breakfast Association of Alabama uphold all state regulations and even more demanding Association standards. We ensure the highest standards of cleanliness, comfort, safety, and ethics for your stay in Alabama.

Alaska Bed and Breakfast Association – You’ll find a vast array of Alaskan Bed and Breakfast individual distinctions at all of our member B & Bs. Each and every one of our Alaskan Bed and Breakfast members offers you the best in memorable Alaskan experiences.

Arizona Bed and Breakfast Association (AABBI) – The Arizona Bed and Breakfast Association extends a warm welcome to all our guests.

Arkansas Bed and Breakfast Association (BBAA) – The Bed and Breakfast Association of Arkansas has voluntarily set highinspection standards and obtained a full commitment to those standardsfrom our Innkeepers in order to assure you only the finest in comfort, serviceand hospitality.

California Association of Bed and Breakfast Inns (CABBI) – Representing over 300 distinctive, quality-certified B & Bs, CABBI provides travelers with an extensive choicefrom country cottages and historic California Victorian mansions.

Colorado Bed and Breakfast Innkeeper Association (BBIC) – Each and every one of ourColorado Inns have been inspected andapproved to become members of the Bed and Breakfast Innkeepers of Coloradoafter passing an extensive list of accommodations standards designed with our guests’ safety and comfort in mind.

Connecticut Mystic Coast Bed and Breakfast Association – The hosts of the Bed and Breakfastsof the Mystic Coast extend a warm invitation to experience the gracioushospitality of some of the finest bed and breakfasts in Connecticut.

Delaware Shore Association of Bed and Breakfast & Inns (ASBDIB) – Your complete Delaware Shore bed and breakfast guide, and it is yourlink to the best bed & breakfasts & inns on the Delaware Shore.

Florida Bed and Breakfast Inns Association (FBBI) – Florida Bed and Breakfast Innsis an association of premier small lodging accommodations throughout thestate.

Georgia Innkeepers Association (GIA) – From the scenic North Georgia mountains to the sunny beaches of the Golden Isles, our innkeepers invite you to indulge in some of the most diverse andenchanting properties Georgia has to offer.

Hawaii Island B & B Association – Member Hawaii inns are county licensed, independently inspected and must meet or exceed our standards of quality, service and safety.

North Idaho Bed & Breakfast Association – The North Idaho Bed and Breakfast Association welcomes you to beautiful North Idaho.

Illinois Bed & Breakfast Association (IBBA) – Enjoy our inspected & approved Illinois bed and breakfast accommodations.

Indiana Bed &Breakfast Association (IBBA) – The Indiana Bed and Breakfast Association is a professional organizationcelebrating 18 years of providing excellence in hospitality, cleanliness, andsafety.

Iowa Bed& Breakfast Innkeepers Association (IBBIA) – The Bed and BreakfastAssociation of Iowa invites you to experience Iowa hospitality at itsfinest.

Kansas Bed & BreakfastAssociation (KBBA) – Each Kansas bed and breakfasthas been inspected and approved by the KBBA and must operate at or above thestandards of quality established by the association to continue theirmembership.

Kentucky Bed & BreakfastAssociation (BBAK) – The Bed and Breakfast Association of Kentucky (BBAK) invites you toexperience and enjoy exceptional hospitality and service.

Louisiana Bed &Breakfast Association (LBBA) – Bed and Breakfasts approved by the Louisiana Bed and Breakfast Association mustmeet a rigorous approval process including board certification and inspection.

Maine InnkeepersAssociation (MIA) – The Maine Innkeepers Association offers you the leading searchable database of Maine B & B accommodations and lodging in Maine.

Maryland Bed & BreakfastAssociation (MBBA) – Maryland Bed & Breakfast Inns listings.

Massachusetts B & B LodgingAssociation – Massachusetts Lodging Association represents more than 400 hotels, resorts, inns, and bed & breakfasts throughout Massachusetts.

Michigan Bed andBreakfast Inns Association – Lake to Lake Bed and Breakfast Association of Michigan.

Minnesota Bed& Breakfast Association (MBBA) – Plan your next getaway at a Minnesota bed and breakfast.

Mississippi Bed & Breakfast Association – Mississippi Bed and Breakfasts are ready and waiting to serve the tourismindustry.

Missouri Bed and Breakfast Inns Association (BBIM) – Bed & Breakfast Inns of Missouri offers over 130 unmatched escapes all acrossthe state.

Montana Bed & BreakfastAssociation (MTBBA) – Stay at the finest bed and breakfasts in Montana, inspected and approved by theAssociation.

Nebraska Association of Bed &Breakfasts – Nebraska’s finest bed and breakfast inns – As a guest of NABB member inns, you are assured of a quality bed and breakfastexperience.

New Hampshire Bed and BreakfastAssociation (NABB) – The Bed and Breakfast Association of New Hampshire invites you to stay at oneof our fine bed and breakfasts & inns.

New Jersey Bed& Breakfast Preferred Inns Association – The New Jersey Bed and Breakfast Innkeepers Association welcomes you to spendsome time visiting our preferred member inns.

New Mexico Bed & BreakfastAssociation – Stayingat a New Mexico Bed and Breakfast Association inspected memberinn is your key to unlocking the fascinating diversity of New Mexico.

New York Empire State Bed & BreakfastAssociation – Empire State Bed & Breakfast Association (ESBBA) has a membership ofB & B’s and Inns dedicated to high standards of hospitality, quality andsafety in New York State.

North Carolina Bed &Breakfasts and Inns (NCBBI) – North Carolina Bed & Breakfasts and Inns – A statewide association of more than 125 lodging establishments dedicated toensuring the highest standards in quality and safety.

North Dakota Bed & BreakfastAssociation – North Dakota Bed & Breakfast Association (NDBBA) hosts are happy to sharewith you their homes and their knowledge of the area you are visiting.

Ohio Bed and Breakfast Association (OBBA) – Is a non-profit trade association representing the proud Bed and Breakfastsin the great state of Ohio.

Oklahoma Bed andBreakfast Association (OKBBA) – The Oklahoma Bed and Breakfast Association representsthe Finest Bed and Breakfasts in the state of Oklahoma.

Oregon Bed and Breakfast Association – The Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild welcomes you to the State of Oregon.

Pennsylvania Bed and Breakfast Association (PAINNS) – Your online gateway to the Bed & Breakfasts, Inns, and FarmVacation properties of the Pennsylvania Tourism & Lodging Association.

Lancaster County Pennsylvania Bed and Breakfast Association – The largest B&B association in Lancaster County, comprised of 38 bed and breakfasts from all over the Lancaster county.

Rhode Island Newport County Inns andB & B Association – Newport Inns and Bed and Breakfast Association Newport Rhode Island Bed & Breakfasts.

SouthCarolina Bed and Breakfast Association (SCBBA) – Inspected and approved bed and breakfasts, inns, country inns, and B & B’s inthe state of South Carolina.

Tennessee Bed andBreakfast Innkeepers Association (TBBIA) – The Tennessee Bedand Breakfast Innkeepers Association invites you to experience the many tunes ofTennessee.

Texas Historic B & B Accommodations (HAT) – The State Organization of Texas’ FinestInspected and Approved Bed and Breakfasts, Country Inns, Hotels,Guesthouses, and Ranches.

Utah Bed & Breakfast Inns (BBIU) – When planning your trip to Utah, make reservations at one of our inspectedand approved bed and breakfasts, inns or ranches.

Vermont B & B Lodging Association – Whatever your preferences or interests, Vermont’s hospitality and B & B lodging accommodations will make a Green Mountain experience something you’ll want to repeat.

Virginia Bed and BreakfastAssociation (BBAV) – The Bed andBreakfast Association of Virginia invites
you to experience Virginiahospitality at its finest.

Washington Bed & Breakfast Association (WBBG) – The Washington Bed and Breakfast Guild invites you to discover the diversity ofWashington State.

West Virginia Mountain StateAssociation of Bed & Breakfasts – The Mountainstate Association of Bed & Breakfasts (MABB) provides you with the highest standards of comfort,cleanliness and safety as you tour wild and wonderful West Virginia.

Wisconsin Bed & BreakfastAssociation – Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast Association offers an array of romantic Wisconsin inns.

Wyoming Bed & BreakfastInns – All Wisconsin bed & breakfast,ranch, or guest cabin properties are dedicated to providing gracious, hospitableservice.